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Who we are

We are HOLI

Single. Different. Special. Adjectives that inspire HOLI to define the image of the contemporary healthcare professional, as that old-fashioned and monochromatic image is already dated. They are much more than that.

Each healthcare professional goes through a unique and special journey to get to where they are and their image must reflect this rise: a unique individual facing a world of multiple possibilities that needs equally exclusive and unique products.

It is precisely to fill this need that HOLI was born, combining classic tailoring cuts that guarantee an impeccable fit with high technology and performance, in order to help professionals show their truth and dress their best. We want to see them shine.

Our conceptual inspiration comes from the Indian festival of colors, Holi. It is from its brightness, movement and sacredness that we developed the essence of the brand, seeking a way for clothing to externally reflect the internal beauty of each person, honoring the encounter between human and divine that exists within everyone.

Starting from the power of color, we develop pieces with designs that go beyond the limits of the office, becoming a 'statement', a message to the world about who you are and what you mean by that.

With beautiful cuts that highlight practicality, HOLI brings life and movement to the old monotony of pieces used for so long by professionals: ergonomic and performance coats, with pockets in more practical sizes and fabrics (with the presence of elastane, a synthetic filament) versatile and adaptable, allowing a cut that aims to improve performance, thus guaranteeing style and comfort throughout the working day.

The legacy that the brand intends to leave is to inspire and impact.

Our circle of good begins with the harmonious concept of expressing your truth and culminates in the final piece: your coat.

Be Holi. Wear your truth.