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The strength of vision

The strength of vision

It's very common to hear the phrase "the first impression is the last impression", not only related to people themselves, but also to the environment in which we are. Our mind, as we go through our experiences, gathers scenes and sensations of how we feel in that place and moment. These sensations run a straight line between the look of the place and what it was capable of transmitting.

Do you care about the details in your clinic and in your waiting room?
From the smallest to the biggest details... Because they have a huge impact on your patients' impression of your service. Each color, shape, object and uniform present in your office generates a broad vision filled with feelings about it; If your office is more technological, with a clean design and light colors or more cozy, with a woody design and warm colors, for example.

Proof of this is the psychology of colors, which are capable of bringing different sensations, for example, a well-formed color palette brings a more assertive emotional impact than a mixed palette.

Also, what is shown on the television in your waiting room directly impacts the mood of those waiting to be seen.
All the details present in your work environment need to talk to each other, so that the first, second and third impression is positive and beneficial, for you, as a professional and for your patient.