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The aroma of your clinic/office.

The aroma of your clinic/office.

In a matter of seconds, a smell is capable of bringing back a vivid memory of an event, even awakening the same feelings from that moment! This is the power of olfactory memory. Olfactory memory is more lasting and intense than hearing and vision, quickly triggering memories and emotions experienced, which are related to that smell.

Smell is the only one of our senses that has a direct connection with the part of the brain that governs our emotions. When we smell a smell, our brain records the feeling present at that moment in our memory, associating it with the smell. For example, when you smell a cake baking, the immediate sensation is one of tranquility, joy and comfort, the feeling is exactly like when you were a child, sitting in your grandmother's kitchen waiting for the cake to finish baking.

Knowing that the smell is stored in our mind along with our emotions, it is possible to build good memories associated with smells. Many brands know this and use it very well! They develop their own aromas and intensify the memory of the time we spent there in that space, for example, it is not difficult to remember the smell of our favorite store, along with the feeling of being inside. And you, a healthcare professional, can invest in this just as well. As previously stated, your office/clinic is a sales space for your client, and attention to details like this is essential. Also worth not only the ambient smell, but also the care in keeping your premium coat, your scrub, your accessories, always clean and fragrant!

It is very common, when faced with a bad odor, for our body to withdraw when being in such an environment, and the same happens in the opposite situation, when we are faced with an extremely pleasant smell, we open up, body and soul, to being there. Aromatherapy is a result of this, and it can be impressive.

There are many perfumes with great impacts that are easy to find:

Rosemary is recognized for sparking joy.
Lavender awakens tranquility in us.
Geranium, jasmine and roses bring us warmth.
Citrus fruits are capable of generating lightness in the environment.

It is very important that the aroma is aligned with the value proposition you offer in your work. There are qualified professionals who can guide you, both in an existing aroma and in creating your own registered smell!

How about starting to experience smell as a major differentiator in your office? Invest in the details!