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Relationship network

Relationship network

If we stop to think, all existing beings in nature are connected as a beautiful and unique "web of connections". When we think of this "web" as a large element, we are able to capture moments and people that are the result of this, such as: the web of our neural network, which connects all our sensations as they occur throughout our body. The best people present in our lives are the result of a connection, whether direct or indirect, capable of making our relationships extremely valuable.

Throughout our lives we are faced with synchronies, which are very worth our attention, since we are constantly nourishing and persisting in our relationships, after all, it is through them that our life gains meaning and paths.
We are in a constant cycle of relationships, whether professional, romantic, family... The act of relating transforms lives. There are many people who cross our paths and guide us in other directions; full of new moments, obstacles, emotions, learning and new people, which makes everything a cycle.

Every being present in our lives has something to offer us, just like in nature, when we sow good seeds and water them, the result is flourishing!
Invest in present small and large relationships. Each one has something to show you, and the result of this is a great positive cycle.