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The harmony of the whole.

The harmony of the whole.

It is very common to divide between the product to be sold and the service. This is changing more and more every day in our daily lives. Before, people used to only invest in the product that was there, in a touchable and material way. So, it has always been valued among trades; the harmony of the place and what was offered to the consumer to make them feel good; the aroma of the environment and the compositions that existed in it.

What we want to bring to you today is precisely the evolution of this criterion between product and service, especially with regard to practices and the relationship between patient and client.

We, as a brand and in our evolution, have always been attentive when it comes to our client's experience with us, and for this reason, we are able to recognize that the office is no different.

Medicine in general is part of a constant evolution. An evolution that explores and is present in large areas within how much we have evolved as a society. Today, medicine goes far beyond pain or a problem in a region of our body, it encompasses aesthetics and everything we buy to feel better.

Currently, people come to you, professionals, to buy beauty, well-being, smiles and dreams... Given this, these people cannot be seen just as patients, but as customers!

The experience must be different, and it must be very special and unique, for everything to be done in a meaningful way, and thus, feedback and referrals are guaranteed. Therefore, visual, sensory, sensitive experiences and everything that contributes to this client's background within this clinic is essential. And this will generate sales and result in great opportunities.

The five senses, and their concepts, help us to look closely at details, namely: smell, vision, hearing, touch and taste. If we unfold each one, we can recognize incredible capabilities in this area.

Vision leads us to perceive how this environment is decorated; if there is harmony in the colors and if they are capable of awakening important feelings in the translation from the client to you, as a professional.

Hearing also brings us sensations in the face of local noise. It is capable of making the environment welcoming or not.

Tactility is about touch and the materials chosen to create this environment, so that the client feels a pleasant sensation of being there.

The taste would be something related to small treats that may exist. A flavored water, a freshly brewed coffee, some healthy snacks… Always thinking about how this customer can feel welcomed and cared for.

Every small and large element makes a difference. It's far beyond the service itself, it's about welcoming from the first contact.

Count on us to find out more!

Thank you for your attention <3, with love, Holi.