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Far beyond the screens.

Far beyond the screens.

We are in a period where there is so much content, so many brands, so many people wanting to talk to us at the same time, that it becomes increasingly difficult to know where to direct our attention.

When we realize it, we see the digital medium as a way of expressing our professionalism that began since the beginning of Holi, going beyond our products. We see the importance of communicating this to those who haven't always followed us.

We, as a brand, realized this as we entered this digital universe, and little by little we received attention beyond our first partners and customers, bringing us closer to people who admire our work, just because it exists; there behind the screens!

We began to see that being able to transmit the essence and love for our brand, to people who might never cross our paths, has an almost equal value with our production.

Since the birth of Holi, this proximity to customers has brought about the need for something more direct and elegant, giving them the confidence to leave behind those boring, boxy coats that no one else was attracted to... And that's how Holi took its place in clinics, through this breaking of stereotypes, we formed ourselves as a premium product, and this idea became completely reciprocal by our consumers since the brand began on the market.

With an eye always keen on small details, as it is through them that we are able to align Holi with our products and the people around us. Every fit has value to us; the placement of the button, the fit of the zipper and the fabric, a line wanting to escape... All the small elements that make up our products are treated with extreme care.

We can notice, through feedback, the uniqueness in which our products fit each professional, bringing out the best in each one.

Professional photos began to emerge, with a lot of self-confidence. For us, it has been the answer to how important it is to be well, to feel good, beautiful, powerful... This has made professionals better in every way.

This thought, already realized in us, is constant. All this perception is part of our DNA; We are part of a great detail, which motivates us to deliver the best to our consumers (you)!

Thank you for your attention, here, there and always <3