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Mentalize, thank and wish!

Mentalize, thank and wish!

The end of the year is usually a date when we look for ways to remember everything we are grateful for and all our desires and goals for the next cycle!

Coming to the end of an extremely challenging year such as 2020, we felt the need to convey to you all aspects of the community. Collectiveness was a very present term this year, along with empathy.

We at Holi had a great idea to finally fill up with air and let your breath out! Letting everything that is unwanted fly away.

Our ritual this year will revolve around nature, which is a major pillar of our brand. A biodegradable balloon, loaded with seeds and good intentions.

And how will it work?

Go somewhere meaningful to you, envision the change! Fill your balloon with everything you want to remain in this new year; everything you want to be better. Release it by imagining everything you want to be left behind. There is an opportunity to be better every day; to give new meaning, and let everything that no longer belongs to us flourish!

This is one of the unimaginable symbolic rituals that can be done as a form of gratitude for all our learnings from 2020. With good intentions, everything works!

Go to our Instagram: and comment on our latest IGTV; What ritual do you usually do for New Year’s Eve?

Much love for 2021!