HOLI: a brand with pillars and purposes

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HOLI: uma marca com pilares e propósitos

HOLI: a brand with pillars and purposes

HOLI: a brand with pillars and purposes

Do you already know our history and the HOLI Pillars? The brand was inspired by the Festival of Colors, but not just any festival. The festival celebrates the arrival of spring, of flowers, held in India. Where colors mix with joy, channeled in our essence.

Our icon, on the other hand, is the construction of elegance, known as the Flower of Luxury, inspired by our 8 HOLI pillars: Timelessness; Exclusivity; Universality; Tradition; Beauty; Quality; Originality; and, Perfection.

Each petal represents a HOLI pillar, with a unique meaning. Follow the meaning of each one below, check it out!

  • Universality: We need to serve everyone, even though we know that each person is unique. Even with such exclusive pieces, HOLI always seeks to meet the macro level, to go beyond the limits of the clinics.
  • Exclusivity: Our pieces are elegant, unique and exclusive, created for authentic men and women, who know what they want and who do not give up elegance in their daily clinical routine.
  • Timelessness: For HOLI it means making wild, classic pieces that never stop being trendy and that allow for different combinations in the four seasons.
  • Originality: For the brand, being original means thinking about each piece in a unique way. Just as each person has their own particularities, HOLI creations also need to meet these individualities to be original.
  • Beauty: Beauty has a pleasant, perfect and harmonious shape or appearance. It stimulates feelings of wonder, grandeur, nobility and pleasure. And that is what we want to awaken when creating each HOLI piece.
  • Perfection: Excellence at the highest level is what HOLI wants to achieve when creating each piece. And with this purpose, we combine elegance and sophistication in all the models created.
  • Quality: Elegant is having quality. Quality in the fabrics, in the creation of the pieces and in the set as a whole. This is the creative process of HOLI pieces. Each piece tells a story, but they are all linked, whether by quality or originality.
  • Tradition: HOLI pieces carry personality and tradition. Through the reframing of classic elements, we innovate the way we dress every day, especially for those who live a routine in offices.

And based on our 8 petals, collections and models are born, and we work on them every day, whether in creations, in marketing, inside and outside the office. After all, each piece needs to translate HOLI values ​​and pillars and all of the brand's beliefs.

In the following videos you can learn more about the faces behind HOLI. The great creators of the brand Fernanda and Bianca and how some of the process happens, just click!

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