New collection of HOLI Scrubs

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Nova coleção de Scrubs HOLI

New collection of HOLI Scrubs

New collection of HOLI Scrubs

Elegance, sophistication and personality in your everyday life. These are the adjectives that summarize the new HOLI scrubs collection. If you want a bolder, more colorful look to be noticed by your patients and stand out from other professionals, keep reading and discover what's behind our brand!

Scrubs are practical and safe clothing for everyone who works in the healthcare sector. There are several benefits, such as:

  • Functionality;
  • Mobility;
  • Style;
  • Color possibilities;
  • Practicality;
  • Freshness;
  • Charm;
  • Modernity.

Our inspiration

HOLI Scrubs models always have a story behind the choice of names. We are inspired by incredible professionals who have been part of our trajectory.

This time, we were a little more daring and were inspired by plants and colors that have everything to do with the essence of our brand and with the shine and power we want for the professionals we dress.

The three new sets of HOLI scrubs, HortĂȘnsia, Mint and Geranium, were created with you in mind as a healthcare professional!

Discover the 3 models:

  • Scrub HortĂȘnsia: With a super cool cut, high waist and details on the waistband, the Scrub HortĂȘnsia brings femininity and functionality to everyday life.
  • Mint Scrub: Super comfortable and stylish model. The slim fit pants have a drawstring to adjust the waist, and the cargo pockets are this season's trend and bring more charm and functionality to the set.
  • Geranium Scrub: Modern and functional, it is perfect for everyday life and for people who love to feel free and relaxed.

Why use HOLI scrubs

We believe that dressing expresses our essence and that, through our clothes, we can send a message. With the new collection of HOLI scrubs, we want you, the healthcare professional, to express your personality and be seen as authentic and unique.

Therefore, we invest in elegance and practicality so that your patients can perceive the special care, hygiene and professionalism, giving them the security of being served by a differentiated professional with a unique personality.

It is always important to remember that HOLI scrubs have a design that facilitates cleaning, with minimal places that can harbor hidden contaminants and quick drying.

Our pieces are handcrafted and made with all the care and attention you deserve.

Dress with personality! Discover our new collection and be HOLI !