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digital persona

digital persona

Now that the world has indeed gone digital, how do you position yourself digitally?

Who are you on social media?

Do you have two IG profiles? One professional and one personal?  Which do you feel gives you the most professional return?

-It's because sometimes you think your professional posts are working, but suddenly those who appear in your office are those who somehow participate in your personal team. Friends, friends of friends who follow your social life and your holidays.

There are two lines of thought on this:

The first assumes that the account is joint. If your professional life takes up most of your time and energy, why not combine your profiles? Talk about the profession and people in the same place. But be careful when publishing excessive private content, such as many photos of children, bars, parties and bikinis, so as not to tarnish your professional image.

The other line thinks that you need to keep your private, personal moments with family and friends separate from the content that promotes your work. Because sometimes your family and friends can't stand seeing health treatments.

What to do?

There is no ready-made formula, but it is important that you seek alignment of what you transmit to your audience inside the office and outside. Take care of your digital persona with the same care and affection with which you take care of your equipment, materials, courses... Demonstrate through your digital communication, all the best you can

Bring it to your audience. Whether through personal or professional experiences.

Take a digital marketing course yourself so that it can serve as a guide for hiring someone to help organize this content. Avoid agencies that serve many professionals and create content and in the end everyone is the same

 Content is within you! Just organize and translate it into digital language.

Some professionals with purely professional profiles end up posting only technical information. For example, a dentist who only posts smiles, before and after cases, surgery techniques, whatever... All of this is quite didactic and visual, but it is extremely important that the professional appears. That there is a human figure in the middle of so many mouths or any other procedure. After all, people like people and contact with the real persona is of great importance. Seeing her speak, gesture... This brings comfort and welcome to the old patient and especially to the new one who sought you out online. (yes, everyone knows that. That's what business cards are today!)