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O poder da Imagem Pessoal para transmitir sua essência - HOLI

The power of Personal Image to convey your essence

The power of Personal Image to convey your essence

The way you express yourself, behave, act and dress forms your personal image. It is able to influence the way people read you. This concept is increasingly present in our daily lives, as we are increasingly exposed not only in person, but also in our online lives.

The personal image has merged with the professional image, which is why it is so necessary to pay attention to what we want to convey. After all, personal image helps build a career brand in the workplace, sending a message to our colleagues, patients, bosses.

Aligning our personality and essence with our professional goals is a great key to success and building reputation, competence and authority.

Influence of Personal Image on first impression

Did you know that, according to visa studies, it takes us 7 to 10 seconds to make a first impression? Others' perception of us is divided into four criteria, and each of them has a different importance for the construction of this image:

  • 58% image and clothing;
  • 18% tone of voice;
  • 14% way of speaking;
  • 10% body language.

In other words, personal image is a fundamental aspect when it comes to impressing. If we want to convey an image of authority, confidence and competence, it is necessary to adapt your personality to your profession.

Authenticity and personality at work

Some research indicates that those who take care of their personal image in corporate life and in the workplace earn up to 12% more than other professionals. This is because being dressed according to protocol gives a greater feeling of security and enhances qualities.

However, it is necessary to remember that, even with the requirement of a dress code, you can and should be authentic and express your essence and style. The first step is to improve your visual self-perception and be consistent with who you are.

Personal image is fluid and changes every day, according to mood, state of mind, personal tastes and desires. And you can express all of this while maintaining elegance and at the same time following the protocol that the work environment requires. It is possible to give a new meaning to traditions and classic clothing, especially within medical and dental offices.

Design elements can work to your advantage and convey the messages you want. This applies to clothing, accessories, hair and makeup.

HOLI has in its essence these purposes , among others: originality, beauty, tradition, timelessness! With our pieces, you can convey elegance, personality and sophistication wherever you are.

Each piece we produce reflects the HOLI values ​​and pillars and all the brand's beliefs in you and your authenticity. Check out our store and our exclusive models. Wear HOLI and express your authenticity!