New HOLI: André Braz collection

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Novidade HOLI: coleção André Braz

New HOLI: André Braz collection

New HOLI: André Braz collection

Discover the Dr André Braz collection

HOLI is concerned with bringing elegance to every detail so that you, the healthcare professional, convey an image of competence and safety to your patients. Every detail of the pieces we develop matters for the harmony of the whole , the elegance and expression of the professional in his essence and wisdom.

To this end, we created the André Braz collection, in partnership with this big name in Dermatological Surgery that names our launch.

For Dr. André Braz, “Beauty is also a state of mind. The moment you are happy, you are beautiful. And then you can show that on your exterior.” Its purpose is fully aligned with the essence of HOLI .

Continue reading and check out details of our new models to dress with personality.

Discover the models from the André Braz collection

The coat models in the André Braz collection are elegant, versatile and meet your demand for sophistication for various everyday occasions. Get to know each one’s proposal!

Premium Phi lab coat

Modernity, practicality and elegance sum up this model. The Phi coat has a contemporary design with cuts designed to provide mobility in everyday life without losing style.

It has a thick nickel-plated metal zipper and geometric lines with a discreet shoulder pad. Minimalism, comfort and a lot of elegance for your services.

Premium Phi Jacket

Version of the Phi coat from the André Braz collection, the jacket brings an even more modern look to those who wear it and allows even more mobility for those who have a dynamic daily life. With this model, you gain practicality, elegance and minimalism.

Premium André coat

This jacket follows the concepts of conventional tailoring and has shoulder pads to provide pride and security. In trench coat, very well cut with all the alignment he asks for. Among the details that only HOLI provides, we have a low neckline, wider lapel and marbled buttons.

Premium Braz coat

Suitable for professionals who spend many hours on call, HOLI thought of this model to promote their best performance. See the differences between each element present to ensure comfort, mobility and quality of the piece:

  • Premium technological jacket;
  • Mixture of two fabrics: microfiber with elastane and neoprene on the arms;
  • High elasticity;
  • Detailed cutouts;
  • Slim fit;
  • Innovative design;
  • Exposed heavy nickel-plated metal front zipper;
  • Invisible zipper on the cuffs;
  • Sports design;
  • Two side pockets.

Braz Femme Premium Jacket

To accompany Dr. André Braz's line of coats, the women's version is a piece with an impeccable fit made according to good tailoring.

In a very well-cut trench coat, it has delicate shoulder pads and all the alignment that tailoring requires. The A-line cut brings lightness and femininity, leaving the piece with a “dress-like look”.

Low neckline, wider lapel and marbled buttons. Everything designed to promote your high performance with elegance.

Who is Dr. André Braz

All of our products are named after a story. We are inspired by incredible professionals who have been and are part of Holi's trajectory, and the André Braz collection would be no different.

Dr. André Braz is a Doctor (CRM 52634239), member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology and the Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery. Among his main activities, he stands out as scientific coordinator of the Applied Anatomy Course for Botulinum Toxin and Filling at MARC (Miami Anatomical Research Center), in Miami-Florida, USA.

He is an assistant professor in the Cosmetics Sector in the Dermatology Service of the General Polyclinic of Rio de Janeiro (PGRJ), as well as a speaker at numerous national and international conferences.

He is the author of several book chapters and several scientific articles published in renowned national and international medical journals, having been awarded for his scientific production in numerous congresses held around the world (Monaco, France; Tokyo, Japan; Miami, USA; Bogotá, Colombia ; Bangkok, Thailand; among others). He is also the author of several book chapters in the areas of dermatology and aesthetics.

Dr. André Braz is also a pioneer in Brazil in the RFG (Global Facial Rejuvenation) concept, a pioneer in the treatment of dark circles in the middle and lower third of the face with temporary implants.

With a CV like that, it's impossible not to pay homage to this great professional with a collection of elegant, functional and sophisticated coats, right? Come look beautiful with the new André Braz collection from HOLI !